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Canada’s Gnarliest Tree – Save the Avatar Grove

The following is a short video about a special grove of trees here on Vancouver Island. Well worth the visit, and if you could take the time to sign the petition then hopefully we will be able to continue visiting these amazing giants! watch?v=l_uPkAWsvVw petition:

Touring from our guest’s perspective

It has now been a few months of gray, wet days and many are beginning to feel some winter restlessness (I know I am!). To counteract this I think it’s time to relive some past tours. Hopefully this takes some of the edge off : ) I’ve added a number of images taken by five … Read More

“a photographer’s paradise”

In the last few weeks fall has returned to this coast with decisiveness. The temperature has dropped, leaves are changing and quickly covering the forest floors, and of course – the rains have returned. This summer was an amazing time to guide, as the temperatures were perfectly mild and the entire season remained quite dry. … Read More

Our favorite hike. shhh….don’t tell anyone :)

Although we are not supposed to be biased I think we have a hike we are especially partial to. The 10 km stretch from Parkinson to Botanical Beach is seriously amazing, and we seem to end up there A LOT…shhh, don’t tell anyone : )

A day of adventure (and my first attempt at blogging!)

Introduction: This is my first blog attempt. Ever. I’m fairly certain that if I had imagined what my first time (ever) would look like, that it wouldn’t be the following. My first excursion with blogging will be all about a gorgeous day of adventure along the Juan de Fuca Marine trail, minus …. myself. I … Read More

Great find turns into Peanuts dinner!

While hiking the Mystic trail on Wednesday I found a mushroom I was unable to identify. It was broken at the stem so I collected it and brought home for my tenant Marc to look up. We got distracted for 15 minutes when we realized peanut the cat had devoured the mushroom. We spent the … Read More

Welcome to the new Rain Forest Guided Hiking website.

Welcome to our new website. This website will provide latest news and information in guided hiking around the East Sooke and Juan de Fuca Marine trails. Please check back often as we will have new photos and videos to go with our new posts