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Bear Aware

Being bear aware British Columbia is lucky enough to have amazing varieties of wildlife in our forests.  Some of them can be seen on one of the trails Rainforest Tours utilizes for their day hikes, The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail. Some of these breath-taking hikes lead to the most amazing campsites. While our group’s … Read More

Welcome to 2013 on the West Coast!

Dear Friends, Welcome back to Rainforest Tours and our 2013 season. We are looking forward to another fantastic summer on the west coast! We had so much fun partnering with fellow Vancouver Island businesses last season that we are happy to be welcoming them back for 2013. Thanks to the support of Adrenaline Zipline, Sooke … Read More

So long to another fabulous season of adventures!

….and what a season it has been! The weather (after the June we shall not speak of) was unprecedente, our guests were ALL a treat to meet and spend time with, and some beautiful nearby old growth forest was saved from logging, yahoo! Some memorable tour moments from this past season? Stopping on the way … Read More

Rainforest, whales and ziplining adventures….not a bad way to spend a day!

A quick photo story of a recent fabulous afternoon adventure. After a morning of ziplining and whale watching, this lucky group spent the afternoon playing in East Sooke Park. While checking out the ancient petroglyphs we were fortunate enough to witness the Juan de Fuca’s resident orcas, J-Pod, passing right by! The promised rain never … Read More


August is almost over! Commonly known as ‘Fogust’ by locals, I thought it would be fun to put together a mini album capturing a few of our foggy days. Every day this past August, without fail, it rolled on in, in one shape or another. Some days just creeping along the horizon, never quite reaching … Read More

Touring another world…tidepool adventures

The cold, clean waters in the oceans surrounding Vancouver Island, provide the greatest diversity of Marine life in North America, “second only to the Red Sea”, according to Jacques Cousteau! Of course the best way to explore the amazing variety of marine life around us would be to don a wetsuit and hop on in … Read More

Rainforest Tours’ new stop along the way

Rainforest Tours is always on a search for special places to explore and bring our guests to visit.  Although we now know this area quite well it’s amazing how many new places we keep getting introduced to – places that we have passed by many many times and never thought to look closer at. A … Read More

Snow Day

They do happen every now and again here in Lotus Land. They are always unexpected and they are always an adventure. Today we woke up to at least a foot of snow and it was still coming down heavily with no signs of letting up. No school for the kids, and then listening to the … Read More

Canada’s Gnarliest Tree – Save the Avatar Grove

The following is a short video about a special grove of trees here on Vancouver Island. Well worth the visit, and if you could take the time to sign the petition then hopefully we will be able to continue visiting these amazing giants! watch?v=l_uPkAWsvVw petition:

Touring from our guest’s perspective

It has now been a few months of gray, wet days and many are beginning to feel some winter restlessness (I know I am!). To counteract this I think it’s time to relive some past tours. Hopefully this takes some of the edge off : ) I’ve added a number of images taken by five … Read More