Covid-19 Safety Plan

Welcome to Rainforest Tours Guided Day Hiking

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Rainforest Tours is committed to providing a safe environment for both staff and guests: 

Any individual with symptoms of COVID-19 or any individual who has come in contact with someone else suspected of or confirmed to have COVID-19 will not participate in a tour.

  • Hand Sanitizer is provided before and after entering the vehicles
  • While on the trail guests are asked to maintain a 2 meter distance from other hikers and their guide. 

Physical distancing is our most effective means of reducing the spread of COVID-19. 

For this reason, Rainforest Tours will provide ways for staff and guests to participate safely in tours outlined in a Safety Plan, Policies and Procedures. As well as, communicate online, via e-mail, and during safety talks conducted before tours commence.

When physical distancing is not possible, Rainforest Tours will take every precaution to mitigate risk and to protect staff and guests. We will:

mitigate risk through cleaning, controls, and protective equipment, and

Cleaning duties with a checklist will be mandatory at the end of each tour. Beginning with the removal of all items left by guests and guides. (Back pack, water bottles, or garbage) Guides will be provided with proper PPE and disinfectant sprays. Procedures will include the wipe down of all hard surfaces in the van and door handles on the outside of the vehicle.

Included in the cleaning duties will be vacuuming the floor of the van and seats as needed.

Windex windows.

Ensuring the van is stocked with hand sanitizer, disposable masks and extra water bottles for subsequent tours

provide cleaning materials and protective items, 

including but not limited to: non-surgical masks, soap or hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, cloths, and 

All staff will be required to complete training and to confirm in writing that they understand Rainforest Tours risk and mitigation policies and practices and agree to follow them.

Included in the employee contract will be a clause that outlines the seriousness of maintaining good working practices in reference to covid 19 in an office setting and on the trail. Sign & Intial.

As a 2 meter distance can not be maintained, guests and staff are required to wear masks in the van at all times.

Guides will be expected to maintain this policy by asking guest upon pick up if they have their masks. Disposable masks will be provided if required. Throughout the day’s travel, guides will remind guests to wear their masks in the van at all times.

Guests are encouraged to bring their own backpack and water bottle. 

Rainforest Tours will communicate protocols and practices through signage, emails, and verbal prompts,

Guest will be informed well in advance of policies and procedures surrounding covid compliances:  

An updated safety talk, business plan, emergency response and safety plan and  COVID 19 action plan will be provided on the web page under frequently asked questions (FAQ). Covid compliant comment box will be available on the invoice or payment page of the web page?????  Guests are also welcome to contact us directly with complaints or suggestions.

Rainforest Tours will monitor covid case progress and seek continuous improvement on adaptations to policies and procedures

Access to relevant and current information

COVID-19 Handwashing (Public Health Agency of Canada)

Vehicle Wipe-down Precautions