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About Juan De Fuca Marine Trail

Encompassing over 47 km (21 miles) of trails winding through the rainforest and along the wild Pacific coastlines, this park is guaranteed to provide a sense of solitude and peace with true West Coast nature.

No matter the trail you choose, you will experience a perfect combination of fine sand beaches, unique rocky beaches, and endless winding rainforest trails. Be sure to take a moment to enjoy jaw-dropping coastal views and rich diverse tidal pools with the occasional hidden coves.  Whether seeking a relaxing and serene day, a challenging excursion, or anything in between, Rainforest Tours offers guided day hikes for everyone. With over 8 destinations and all levels of activity offered, we are sure to find the perfect experience for you.


Price per person: Full day $170

Named one of the top 10 secret beaches by Sunset Magazine, this is a fairly easy 10-minute hike through mossy rainforests ending in a smooth pebbled beach. Spend a half or full day exploring this hidden gem. Walk along a cool sandstone creek that falls below you into a misty waterfall before it disappears into the stony beach.  When the tide is low, there are numerous sandstone tidal pools with a rich diversity of colorful ocean life to explore.  While enjoying a gourmet lunch, sit back and enjoy amazing views and ocean life passing by.  This lovely destination can be added along the way to China or Mystic.


Price per person: Full day $170

An easy 20-minute hike through a mature forest full of Sitka spruce, Douglas fir, and red cedars. The trail ends at tumultuous rolling seas and a fine sand beach perfect for half or full day of picnicking, whale watching, and relaxing.  This beach has exceptionally diverse tidal pools to explore at low tide, and a short walk brings you to a view of a waterfall that flows into the ocean.  If you want to see more, neighboring Mystic Beach is only an hour’s hike away!


Price per person: Full day $170

This 1 hour 30 minute hike has guests walking to a beautiful, fine sand beach. Trail includes a suspension bridge, a walk through a largely rooted trail, and finally a long drop to the beach along a giant felled and notched tree.  The white-sanded beach includes a hanging waterfall, beach caves, and at low tide a walkthrough rock arch.  This is a fantastic spot to spend a day exploring, stretching out and enjoying a gourmet meal while taking in the spectacular views. (Total 4 km) For a more challenging hike, add a few kilometers from Mystic to Bear Beach.

How to decide on a specific tour?

What kind of hiking/walking adventure are you looking for? An enjoyable hike through the rainforest to a solitary stretch of beach, followed by relaxing exploration? Or perhaps a full day of hiking through wild rainforest and along coastal bluffs overlooking the ocean? Either way, Rainforest Tours has the ideal tour for you. Let us know exactly what it is you are seeking and we will match you with the perfect adventure!

Customized Tours:

Rainforest Tours also offers customized options for those in groups of 6 or more looking for a combination of any of these trip options or for those interested in some of our more challenging hikes. Please contact us for further information and pricing.