A day of adventure (and my first attempt at blogging!)

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This is my first blog attempt. Ever. I’m fairly certain that if I had imagined what my first time (ever) would look like, that it wouldn’t be the following. My first excursion with blogging will be all about a gorgeous day of adventure along the Juan de Fuca Marine trail, minus …. myself. I even have photos to prove the following: that it was an awesome day, and that I was not there. At this point I should make it clear that I am doing okay with missing a day at Parkinsons beach. In the past this may not have been the case, but times have changed since I found a magical excuse to explore relentlessly – work. Who knew?

The beginning:
July 1st, Canada Day – Rainforest Tour guide Toni found herself with a free day and wondered ‘what to do?’. Toni thought (and I am making a leap here), that since she only had plans to see the fireworks far later that night, that she would be brilliant to take advantage of the numerous celebrators all pouring into the city in a chaotic sense of happy patriotism, and she would go the other direction. Easily twisting the rubber arms of a few good friends Toni headed off on an adventure (minus myself, fellow guide Rachel, who had previous plans including celebrators).

Along the way:
Driving along the super fun, windy coastal highway heading along the coast, probably listening to music that only half the passengers really like, someone in the car spots a beautiful black bear. Or rather a beautiful black bears butt. From the safety of the car (because they are all well versed in bear safety), they attempt to get a photo of anything other than the happily munching bear’s bottom. After a few moments of trying to nicely talk bear into even acknowledging their presence, it becomes obvious that bear was not in the mood for distraction. Other cars have since pulled up to make same photo attempts. While moving to another patch of greens Bear finally puts up head long enough for a few quick pictures. Yay to ‘always greener on the other side’ greens! Although they are not always the best photo subjects it is still amazing to watch this wild and majestic creature in its own comfortable domain – from the safety of ours!

Arrival at Parkinson’s:
A quick hike over a few waterfalls and through some gorgeous rainforest, and the group arrives at incredible Parkinson’s Beach. The afternoon passes exploring unbelievably diverse tidal pools (full of giant green anemones, red and purple sea urchins, starfish, nudibranches, sculpins and crabs), engaging in some bouldering for views of a neat seal grotto, and sitting back enjoying the huge waves that always seem to be crashing along this beach, all the while eating good food and maybe even drinking wine (again a leap). Bliss!

And that is it for my first blog, all about the day of adventure…. that I wasn’t present for : )

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