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In the last few weeks fall has returned to this coast with decisiveness. The temperature has dropped, leaves are changing and quickly covering the forest floors, and of course – the rains have returned. This summer was an amazing time to guide, as the temperatures were perfectly mild and the entire season remained quite dry. So much so, that occasionally it didn’t even feel like rainforest we were trekking through. I openly admit that last week when the weather changed we experienced a little anxiety about how well we would fare in the wet weather. Where would we find a dry spot for lunch? How would we ensure guests cameras remain dry and safe? How will our guests do slogging through muddy trails? Of course when it came down to it, there was no basis for any anxiety on our part. The rain resulted in a lush greenness we haven’t seen for months, the skies always seemed to clear long enough for a lunch break, the ponchos we provide do a fine job keeping cameras dry, and most importantly, all of our guests have had a wonderful adventure – possibly even more so as a result of the unpredictable weather!
Although every guest we have had this season has brought along a camera, a strange thing happened last week – we had three consecutive tours with some serious photographers. For myself this was a fantastic experience. I thoroughly enjoyed showing off the sights and both watching and learning from these guests. The days we spent walking, stopping and photographing were a delight. Many times we heard “oh, I must be driving you guys nuts stopping all the time”. Not a chance, what better way to explore! The attached photos are a few we managed to snap (with a little point & shoot) of a few of our guests shooting, gray skies and all. In the next while we hope to post some of the resulting efforts from our guests….stay tuned!

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