Snow Day

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They do happen every now and again here in Lotus Land. They are always unexpected and they are always an adventure. Today we woke up to at least a foot of snow and it was still coming down heavily with no signs of letting up. No school for the kids, and then listening to the radio for further cancellations. It quickly became a day of play – what else to do when the roads to everywhere else are closed? snowball fights, snowman, and shared tales  of snow adventures from all over the island.  Answered some work related emails, had a friend (the talented individual who put together our marvelous website) crawl down my driveway under the weight of snow heavy trees, just to help me download a program, and that was it for work. Spent the afternoon exploring my own backyard, which had become a different world overnight. Spent hours stalking hummingbirds, owls and deer around my property. I am quite sure this was far more entertaining for me than it was for them. Our Rufous hummingbirds are here year round and spend far more time squabbling then eating. It’s a delight to watch their antics. The barred owl, known for its lack of inhibition, sat in a tree in my yard and slept. I sang, danced and threw snowballs at it….to no avail. Finally I fell through a chair I had been standing on, landed on by butt in the snow, yelled a bit about it, and the owl opened it’s eyes –  a little. A reaction none the less : ) Next I chased about 10 of our resident deer through the woods behind my house. They were not pleased with me but were extra happy when I left them alone. All in all a fun snow day. Please readers share your snow tales, us in lotusland would love to hear them!

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