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Rainforest Tours is always on a search for special places to explore and bring our guests to visit.  Although we now know this area quite well it’s amazing how many new places we keep getting introduced to – places that we have passed by many many times and never thought to look closer at. A few weeks ago a friend mentioned one such place. A small point along the road to the Juan de Fuca marine Trail. Apparently a good spot to watch a sunset. So with some directions I decided to venture out and explore.

Upon arriving I fell instantly in love with this spot – and couldn’t believe that I have driven right past it hundreds of times! Its a small point called Otter Point, located only minutes from the community of Sooke, and it is without doubt a gorgeous and wild view point. The ocean always seems quite turbulent here, the Olympic Mountain range is close, bald eagles and sea lions are numerous, and I’m sure if whales were passing by you would see them without any difficulty. The rock formations are stunning and the trees have all been pushed and mishapen by the wind….and the wind! I haven’t been there yet when the wind hasn’t been stronger than _____ (will let you fill in the blank). There is a small picnic table attached to some rocky bluffs quite high up over the ocean that I have quite literally had to hug, to keep from getting blown off the sides of the rocky bluffs. I have also hugged windswept trees, small pockets of shelter in the rocks and the stone faces for the same reason. I gave up trying to set up a tripod for photos a few visits back. I also have a perpetually runny nose and cold fingers and toes from visiting this place – it really just may be the cause of my demise 🙂

In summary, it is a perfect stop over for guests heading up to hike along the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail and I am eager to bring our first guests here for some breath taking views magical ocean air.

Apologize for the lack of photos, just the one of my dog checking to see that I was still attached to the rocks. Anyone with images or stories of Otter Point, please don’t hesitate to post!!

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