So long to another fabulous season of adventures!

Welcome to Rainforest Tours Guided Day Hiking

Operating Eco Wilderness Tours Since 2010

….and what a season it has been!

The weather (after the June we shall not speak of) was unprecedente, our guests were ALL a treat to meet and spend time with, and some beautiful nearby old growth forest was saved from logging, yahoo!

Some memorable tour moments from this past season?
Stopping on the way home to watch a mother bear and three tiny triplets exploring beside the road….what a magical sight! Sitting on the edge of the world when a (small:P) earthquake hit was also a highlight. Also notable from this season were the upgardes to a number of the trails we utilize. Boardwalks and handrails to assist through some previously sticky areas were much appreciated by many of our guests.

Can life get any more perfect? We are already eagerly looking forward to, and preparing for, our next season of adventure!


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