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I found Rainforest Tours through recommendations on Tripadvisor, my go to for places I haven’t been and things I want to do. It was so beyond better than I had hoped for! Toni was our guide – a very down to earth, knowledgeable and out going young woman with a great sense of humor. She knew the forest forward and back. I told Toni how much I enjoyed the two others on the hike, and she told me that it almost always works that way because like minded people seek out these hikes. I want to thank my fellow hikers, a young man from France and a woman from the region who lives in Sooke, and her adorable dog. I felt like I was with people who loved the peacefulness and the ancientness of the forest and the rock of the shoreline. I am so grateful to Toni for making this possible. We enjoyed a delicious lunch, that Toni prepared and packed for us, at an incredibly beautiful site – it was an “Oh my God” moment when we stepped into the clearing and sat for lunch. I might also add that the communication before hand was smooth and easy, and all went without a glitch: reservation in advance, pick up in Victoria, drop off. I would suggest that you email Rainforest Tours and tell Toni and her staff what kinds of things you are most interested in. That’s what I did. And my hike felt like a custom design, including about five bear! Toni took the best bear pic and I am hoping that this goes up on the website soon so you all can see it. I traveled to Victoria on business that involved four days of sitting in a meeting room. I went early to take in the beauty of the old forests. I will do it again, as soon as I can. Thanks Toni, and all of your staff. i can’t recommend this highly enough.

Visited June 2014

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